Youtube and the Battle of the Bands…

March 10, 2009

We’ve been following the battle between Youtube and the agency that protects the rights of musicians – will we get caught in the crossfire?!

Here’s a snip from the latest news, from cnet.com:

“Google-owned video-sharing site YouTube is silencing music videos in the U.K. after negotiations with the country’s Performing Right Society (PRS for Music), which collects licensing fees for artists and labels, failed.”

Our website at lingolyrics.com features embedded Youtube and Daily Motion music videos of French singers and bands. But we’ve added value to the videos by providing translated lyrics and profiles on the featured artists. We’ve also given links to official fan sites and Amazon links to relevant CDs, DVDs and books.

We don’t feel like we’re doing anything wrong! We are genuine fans of all the music on our site and we believe we’re doing the featured French musicians a service by promoting their music all over the world. We also feel we’re helping to make it easier for people who wish to learn the language of love.

We’re not trying to cheat the music industry by using videos on our site – we just want to share our passion and make a career out of doing something we love… and we’re also improving our French in the process.

Heres hoping Youtube and PRS learn to make love… not war!



  1. Hi Venetia and Bianca,
    Vous avez raison. Having the lyrics to French songs is a great way to learn the language. My favorite French language singer is Isabelle Boulay (Quebecoise). I especially like Entre Matane et Baton Rouge, and Tombee de Toi. A+

    • Salut Bruce! Isabelle is stunning and we also love her ‘Parle-Moi’… amazing. We’ll be adding her music videos to our site at http://www.lingolyrics.com soon!

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